CCJ Enforcement Against Company Who Owes Debt

Judge Enforcing CCJ
If you are owed debt by a company who you’ve registered a CCJ against, but are worried that they’re taking measures to get out of paying the money owed, read the case study below on how Carlo Pegna of Master Collections enforced a CCJ to recover a client’s debt.

Case Study on CCJ Enforcement Against a Company Who Owed Client Debt

A cold winter’s morning in February I get a telephone call from an anxious Master Club member (the Member) telling me they have received news that their debtor whom they have a CCJ registered against for £2950 is selling its farm.
The Member is anxious because against the background of the debtor not keeping up with their installments at £50 a week as ordered and selling their farm, if we do not act quickly we could lose all chances of recovery.
I advise the Member to keep calm because as a result of their membership benefits, I’ll apply for a charging order against the debtor’s interest in the farm after our telephone call on the same day.
There’s no need for the Member to pay money on account or be past to a third party or different department because membership benefits include enforcement of CCJ’s all-inclusive by me, their Legal Manager.
As a result I will prepare the application for a Charging Order for the Member to file with the court together with the court fee.
Master Collections will only invoice the member for disbursements covering land registry searches.
Timing for Master Club Members
Within 6 days of filing the application for a Charging Order Canterbury County Court granted an Interim Charging Order (the Order).
As soon as I receive the Order I apply to the land registry for registration of a unilateral notice to enable registration of the Order on the farm.
After just 4 days of lodging the application for a unilateral notice Land Registry Nottingham Office confirm registration of the Order on the farm.
Accordingly from the date the application for a charging order was made it took only 20 days for the Order to be registered. That’s fast for this type of application.

CCJ Enforcement Options – A Slower Alternative

Typically before any work is undertaken because of how solicitors operate for new clients and even repeat clients they will request money on account of approximately £550, specialist debt recovery solicitors with an enforcement team staffed by paralegals may request £346.
Furthermore as well as requesting money on account solicitors will insist that clients sign agreement to their terms of business and some solicitors will refer to a different solicitor or a paralegal within the firm which the client has never dealt with, such procedures can cause delays and frustration for the client.
In these circumstances Master Club membership ensures our members file charging order applications quickly and sometimes that can make a big difference when there are several creditors looking to register a charge because the higher up the pecking order the creditor is depending on available equity the more likely they will get paid.
After 8 weeks from the date the Order is registered the Member receives confirmation from the debtor’s solicitor confirming that they are in the process of selling the farm and when necessary will allocate the proceeds of sale consistent with the Order.
When it comes to enforcement of CCJ’s, Master Club membership will help ensure you get a result quicker than any other competitor. Master Club is the Usain Bolt of CCJ enforcement.
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