Don’t Get Stressed Get Paid

Are you owed £1,500 or more and are fed up with debt collectors that promise the earth but deliver nothing and expensive solicitors?

Master Club deliver results for creditors while saving money on solicitors costs and making it clear what creditors can and cannot collect.

Unlike some of our competitors we don’t promise the earth, Master Collections promise that they will collect the debt where viable.

Membership to Master Club subject to defended matters gives access to all inclusive legal costs and enforcement.

Master Collections has enforced County Court Judgments (CCJs) for businesses in England and Wales with big costs savings on solicitors costs to our members, as demonstrated by the Case Studies in the link below:

Case Studies

Membership works for businesses of all sizes.

Master Collections helped a small construction firm successfully enforce a 4 year old CCJ worth £6,700 stuck in the High Court.

The debtor made a habit of walking off the street into the High Court at which point they would mislead the Master into believing an application to set judgment aside was pending in the County Court.

As a result the Master would suspend enforcement of the warrant much to the frustration of our client. Master Club allowed our client to stand up to the debtor at a hearing without having to incur onerous costs, and we successfully collected the CCJ in full all inclusive of the membership fee.

Look at the key benefits of Master Club membership to our client in this case:

  • Access to a qualified legal manager who prepared the warrant of control and managed the services of the High Court Enforcement Officer all inclusive.
  • No onerous billing. Our Client was only billed a fixed fee for attendance of our Legal Manager at the hearing.
  • None of the legal work in terms of challenging the debtor was outsourced to a third party or an alternative fee earner in the firm.
  • Our client was kept informed of the progress at every stage of the process.
  • The whole process was smooth and efficient.

When it comes to debt collection Master Club is the solution. 

Want to find out more?

Call award-winning credit professional and commercial lawyer Carlo Pegna on 01920 481467 to find out what Master Club can do for your business.

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