Small Claims Court limit has increased.

From 1 April 2013 the small claims court limit has been increased to £10,000

From 1 April 2013 the current small claims limit of £5,000 has been increased to £10,000. Cases dealt on the small claims track are dealt with under much simpler court rules:

  • Easier preparation and presentation of documentary evidence.
  • Shorter and less formal hearings.
  • A free telephone mediation service.
  • A no costs rule.

Although small claims track hearings are easier to prepare your claim will seriously be prejudiced if directions are not followed, or supporting documents and witness statements are not prepared as a judge would expect. Furthermore making representations before a judge can be a daunting experience for most and unless you receive legal advice you may find yourself overlooking a legal point that results in your claim being lost.

Master Club – the award winning one-stop debt collection solution

Master Club members get access to a qualified legal manager who can prepare small claims hearings at a fixed cost based on the value of the claim. Master Collections has a 95 per cent success rate at small claims hearings, and if you are awarded a County Court Judgment and the defendant refuses to pay, your Master Club membership will entitle you to a range of enforcement options.

If you currently use a firm of solicitors to chase debts think again. Master Club membership can save you money and successfully recover outstanding debts.

For an illustration of costs savings on typical solicitors rates click the link below:-

Testimonial – read what a client thinks of our service

I have come to rely on Master Club as a key component to the management of my business not only through the debt collection service but also through access to a Legal Manager. Indeed amongst other things thanks to the Small Claims Service we were able to prepare for a small claims hearing at the fraction of the cost of what a law firm or debt collection agency would charge.
Bob Marshall, Managing Director, Health and Leisure Club

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Call award winning credit professional and commercial lawyer Carlo Pegna on 0844 669 6238 and find out what Master Club can do for your company.

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