Debt Collection for Electrical Wholesalers and Distributors

Electrical Wholesaler Debt Building

Master Collections have built a reputation in the industry as the go to debt collector for electrical wholesalers and distributors.

Since 2008 we have been serving one of the biggest independent Electrical Wholesalers and Distributors in the south of England with 23 branches nationwide and an annual turnover of £54 million (the Distributor).

Collecting Electrical Wholesalers and Distributors That Debts Solicitors Cannot Collect

The Distributor has a process where in the first instance debts are referred to a well known firm of solicitors in Liverpool (the Solicitor).

Debts the Solicitor cannot collect are referred to Master Collections for collection because as a result of Master Club membership benefits, we offer a more cost effective legal and enforcement solution.

Big Cost Savings on Your Debt Recovery

Based on 24 county court claims issued and 22 judgments enforced, including legal advice the Distributor achieved a cost saving of approximately £6031 as per costs prescribed by the Civil Procedure Rules.

An even bigger saving would be made if the Distributor were charged solicitors’ typical hourly rates or fixed fees.

electrical distributor and wholesale

Electrical Wholesaler Debt Collection Case study

A debtor owing the Distributor £1,649 tried to avoid paying because he said his father who owned the business was dead and the business had nothing to do with him.

Master Collections query management service discovered that the mother inherited the business and then passed it onto her son.

As a result we were able to challenge the dispute and pin liability on the son with the result of full recovery of the outstanding balance.

What the client says:

‘We have used Master Collections since 2008 and they have become an integral part of our debt collection process. In particular the experience of Carlo Pegna has been invaluable when dealing with more challenging debtors with whom he has needed to negotiate a settlement. We are pleased with the service that they offer and the results that they have obtained.’

Lynda Stevens, Company Accountant, TLC (Southern) Ltd

Want to find out more?

 If you are an Electrical Wholesaler and Distributor owed money get in touch with award winning credit professional and Legal Executive Carlo Pegna on 01920 481468 for a FREE debt recovery assessment.

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