Owed Debt From Italy? We’ll Recover It

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Master Collections have built a reputation in the industry as the go-to debt collector for debt collection and recovery from Italy. This is in part due to Master Collections being a family business run by Italians. As a result Master Collections are able to offer its clients connections with lawyers in Italy.

Case study of Debt Recovery From Italy

A flooring wholesaler and supplier headquartered in England with a branch in Rome approached Master Collections to collect a disputed debt of 3,000 Euros from a debtor in San Marino.

The Solution

In the first instance Master Collections sent the debtor a letter of claim by email and as a result engaged in correspondence with the debtor in Italian. The debtor made broken promises to pay.

At this stage Master Collections gave the client the option to refer the matter to an Italian lawyer based in Milan on a No Collection No Fee basis.

Rome - debt collection italy

Master Collections managed the whole process including instructing the lawyer in Milan and ensuring they had all the necessary documentation to form the basis of a claim against the debtor.

How We Successfully Collected the Debt From Italy

The Italian lawyer had discussions with the debtor in an effort to resolve the dispute and successfully negotiated a settlement that was acceptable to the client.

As a result the client received a favourable payment of a debt they would otherwise have written off.

 Want to find out more?

 If you are owed money from a debtor or debtors in Italy get in touch with award winning credit professional and Legal Executive Carlo Pegna on 01920 481467 for a FREE debt recovery assessment.


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